European Web3

Shaping the Future of Web3 in Europe

We are a non-profit based in Brussels bringing together the European web3 community.

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With 5 pillars we are building bridges for the next internet area.


Contribute to building a better Web3 European ecosystem with a spirit of cooperation and EU friendship.


Promote a fair narrative about Web3 based on European solidarity and fair play (fighting the fake news and demystification about Web3).


Increase the awareness about Web3 for European companies and citizens.


Educate European companies and citizens on the Web3 space and its possibilities.


Create a European community of professionals in the web3 space.

Who is this for
and why?

If you're a company working in the Web3 domain or an individual interested in this space, we encourage you to participate in this movement.

We have an open door policy and together we can make a better future for web3 in Europe.

We provide educational resources and research, events and news, and a community that can help contribute to your web3 projects.

Are you an individual interested in web3?

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